I'm a digital-focused Art Director, with a background in web development and motion design.

I have been working as a Digital Art Director and Front End developer for over 10 years. I collaborate with advertising agencies developing creative strategies and integrated communication. Thanks to the synergy with media centers and creative agencies I developed my skills in visual field and branding reputation.

Concerning web development I work with HTML5/CSS with frameworks such as Bootstrap or Tailwind and in Js with React and Vue. I use open source platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla, working with developers through Git repository.

My philosophy is:

to create, with a creative eye and a penchant for surrealism, individual and innovative works that will encourage the viewer to think about the topic.

1. Art Direction

Starting with basic websites several years ago I found myself working as an Art Director for complex projects with a holistic approach soon. Visually appealing designs, subtle details and brand guidelines combined to innovative interfaces across various touch points became my daily companion.

2. Photography

For a good visual Identity photography is a necessary tool to empower one’s style.

3. UX Design

A user-centered mindset and sensitivity for design turned out to be the perfect fit when collaborating with agencies, clients and brands to develop digital concepts and solve problems together.

This rough framework outlines my process of developing digital experiences:

  • Research and gather the present state
  • Structure setup and content of the project
  • Concept and Strategy
  • Create, evaluate and iterate deliverables like

Communicating the conceptual approach/UX strategy and reasoning behind it, is present during the whole process.

4. Code dev.

I start from a clean code base with html5 standards integrated into the major open source platforms.

To achieve the goal of making the web a better place I trust in teamwork, latest technology and intuition.